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15 April 2004

Welcome to the Wisconsin Cadet Advisory Council web page!
April 15th, 2004
The Wisconsin Wing Conference is just around the corner, April 24th and 25th. I hope to see everyone there.
February 14th, 2004
Staff Applications are now available for download at the Wisconsin Wing Encampment website. Applications for Cadet Command staff must be recieved by 15 March 2004 and other Cadet Staff positions must be recieved by 22 March 2004
February 3rd, 2004
The Fox Cities Composite Squadron: Noncommissioned Officer School that was planned to be held at the EAA: Pioneer Lodge 13-15 February 2004 has been cancelled due to a lack of students signed-up. The Fox Cites Composite Squadron plans on trying to run it again in the near future (May at the earliest). If you wish to attend or would like more information email C/Lt Col. Robert Koehler at As the location and dates are set I will update this page.
January 26th, 2004
The minutes have been posted for viewing on the CAC minutes page, sorry for the delayed posting.
December 21st, 2003
The minutes from the December 13th meeting are now available for download from the downloads page. The minutes will not be posted on the cac minutes page for a week or so though due to the holidays. Happy Hollidays, and keep checking the website for updates.
December 16th, 2003
The end of the year is quickly approaching, and the time to apply for National Cadet Special Activities is almost over. Applications must be entered into NHQs e-services site no later than 12PM on December 31st. Remember that while you are applying through the internet, you still must print out the completed form and mail it (with the required signatures) to Wing Headquarters in Madison. For all cadet applications, your form must be recieved by January 15th. (This is to allow interviews to be scheduled with cadet applicants, and process all materials to rank order their application) This includes cadet applicants that are applying for staff positions.
Check back soon, the minutes from the December 13th meeting will be posted online as soon as I recieve them. Also feel free to share ideas and post questions on the message board.
November 12th, 2003
The Wisconsin Wing Confrence is quickly approaching. Ideas for classes and activities can be emailed to Please send your ideas so that this Cadet Confrence can be as enjoyable and educational as possible.
Also to keep informed on upcoming events please go to the events page, if you have any events you would like to anounce please email them to
November 5th, 2003
I have just recieved the minutes from the last meeting and they are now available for download and viewing.
October 27th, 2003
I am currently updating the Wisconsin Wing Cadet Advisory Council Roster. If you have not already emailed your information to me please send your full name, email address, squadron (WI-??? NAME), and your position to
October 3rd, 2003
C/Captain Turke, the Wisconsin Wing CAC Chairperson, would like all Primary and Assistant Reps to e-mail him with your name, grade(CAP), and squadron. If you know anyone from other squadrons, please encourage them to send a representative to the CAC meetings. Also, if you know anyone who is a primary/assistant rep for the next term, please have them join the yahoo! group. Any primary rep that is interested in running for a position (Vice Chair or Recorder), please send C/Captain Turke a short bio including information about your CAP career and outside activities. Emphasis more towards the CAP side. Also include awards received, anything you feel necessary for him to know. We will be holding elections online before the next meeting. If any of you have anything you'd like to discuss at the next meeting or have any questions, e-mail him at
October 1st, 2003
Fox Cities Composite Squadrons Noncommissioned Officer School has been basically completed and is being checked over and finalized. I have added a link to the menu on the left to the basic information. The instructors manual will be available after the first session of NCOS is held at Fox Cities Composite Squadron.
September 29th, 2003
The new Chairperson for Wisconsin Wings Cadet Advisory Council was anounced at the last meeting. C/Captain Jonathan Turke from Fox Cities Composite Squadron will is the new Chairman for the 2003-2004 term also C/Lt Col. Robert Koehler has been appointed the WI Wing Representative to GLR CAC for 2003-2004. Also at the last meeting elections were going to be held to fill Vice Chairperson and recorder. Unfortunatly there was not a good enough turn out for this to take place. The next WIWG CAC meeting will be held on October 25th at 1000hrs at the DMA Building all squadrons are encouraged to have a member attend.
Also there have been some updates made at national in regards to there website. The CAP national website can now be found at and e-services is located at Also anyone interested in getting a Wisconsin Wing Challege coin can find information here. Also a new patch has been made available for the flight Suit click here to see it.
June 19th, 2003
I have just recieved the minutes from the last meeting and they are now available for download.
May 9th, 2003
Just added to the dowloads page are two guides, an Element Leaders Guide and a First Sergeants Guide. I also have a NCO Guide that could not fit on this page. Anyone wanting the NCO guide can email me at and I will send it to you.
April 17th, 2003
The Cadet Conference was a great success. Thank you for all of the input and ideas. Next weekend is the Wing Cadet Competition good look to all Squadrons participating. Also check back soon for Encampment info and applications.
March 1st, 2003
The Message Board is now back up. It is located under the "Other Stuff" page. Also I have updated the minutes.
February 24th, 2003
I have posted two new links for the Walco Squadron! Please send your links and files to and I will make sure to add them to the site.
February 20th, 2003
I have posted the dates for the rest of the WIWG CAC meetings for this year on the "Event Dates" page. Also remember about the WIWG CAC meeting this Saturday, 22 February 2003.
February 15th, 2003
I have posted the Cadet Conference Scheduel on the website now just click on the "Cadet Conference" button on the menu bar to go the page. The Wisconsin Wing Cadet Conference will be held on 12 April 2003. Please note that the three sets of classes/presentations listed are all running during a specific session. You may only attend one class/presentation during a specific breakout session (ex. session 1: Team Building Exercise or Current Events\Cadet Programs). Also note that there will be a EAA Museum guided tour available for those interested during Sessions 3-5, there will be a small cost for this tour so if you plan to go on the tour please bring some extra money to cover the cost.
January 24th, 2003
Staff applications for Encampment are now available online, find the link under Other Stuff. Also the Wing Conference and Encampment dates are now posted check under Event Dates.
January 10th, 2003
The minutes from the December meeting have been posted and added to the downloads section. Previous minutes can also be found on the downloads page. REMINDER WING CADET CONFERENCE IDEAS NEED TO GET TO ME AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!
December 8th, 2002
I have been busy updating the website. The roster is now updated and it also available for download under the downloads page along with the minutes from the October meeting. The links have also been updated but unfortunatly the message board is not available right now. If there is anything else you would like to see on this site email me at
November 16th, 2002
The Minutes have been updated! Also please send me any input on what classes and or presentations you would like to have at the Cadet Conference. Check back next week to view the updated roster.

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